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Keith A. Campbell, Ph.D., received his clinical psychology doctorate from Purdue University in 1983. Dr. Campbell’s professional history includes, university teaching, community mental health and hospital based clinical practice, consultation services, clinical services for adults, couples, children and families as well as grant-funded research. His broad clinical interests are complemented by specialized focus in corporate & legal consultation services, the treatment of psychological trauma, and the use of telehealth innovations in mental health treatment.

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Dr. Larry Schwartz received his medical degree from UCLA in 1981 and completed his Residency in Psychiatry at Oregon Health Sciences University in 1985. During his senior year there, he completed an elective placement working at the Veterans Outreach Center “the first psychiatric resident in the country to do so. From 1985 until 2007 he worked for the Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center outpatient mental health clinic. He continued to develop his interest in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder while working with a general outpatient mental health population. Then, in 1990, he became the first team leader of the newly created Portland VA Medical Center PTSD Clinical Team, and later the Section Chief for Traumatic Stress Disorders. Shifting out of the administrative aspect of his job in 1996 to emphasize full-time clinical work, consulting and teaching, he continued as team psychiatrist and senior clinician until 2007. He has also enjoyed an ongoing role as psychotherapy supervisor for psychiatric trainees and others through Oregon Health & Sciences University. He has specific professional interests in the effects of trauma on personality and character development throughout the lifespan, complex PTSD, and the interface and overlap between PTSD and other co-morbid psychiatric conditions.

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Barbara K. Campbell, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico in 1981.  Her professional work includes clinical practice, training, consultation, and research. Her practice focuses on treating adults in individual and couples therapy. Areas of expertise include treatment for anxiety, depression, couples and family relationship problems, childhood and adult trauma, life transitions, and loss. She also has a specialty in addictions treatment, working with individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol problems, and conducting research investigating effective treatments for substance use disorders. She holds a specialty certificate in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders from the American Psychological Association, is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University and conducts research within the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network.  As a researcher, she understands the importance of providing treatment that is evidence based.  As a psychotherapist, she strives to engage in respectful, caring and collaborative treatment relationships. She works with individuals, couples and family members   to resolve anxiety, depression and other symptoms, manage stressful life situations, recover from trauma and addictions, experience self-worth and self-compassion and sustain fulfilling relationships.